Life Path Facilitation

Life Path Facilitation

1) vitality, vigor, or energy
2) the existence of an individual human being

1) the course or direction in which a person is moving
2) a course of action or conduct

1) make (an action or process) easy or easier
2) help bring about

Life Path Facilitation

Life Path Facilitation™ goes to the heart of the matter. What is the life that only you can live? What is your deeper calling? What seed is waiting to sprout, grow, and bear fruit? Together we engage in wakeful questions of heart and meaning allowing life to live through us.

Through inquiry and deep listening, we learn to learn to follow our authentic calling. We seek to align our heartfelt values with our behaviors and actions, aligning the wisdom of the hara (body), heart (emotions), and head (intellect). We move in balance blending being and doing invoking curiosity, equanimity, and acceptance.

The authentic path is rarely clear or linear. Just as often it is chaotic and complex. The path calls for trials and experiments — some that are skillful — with just as many that plain fall flat. We learn to ask better questions and make better experiments. At times we turn towards that which we habitually turn away from. We work (and play) in the messy parts of life, discovering what no longer serves us and can be let go, as well as nurturing that which feeds our aliveness. We learn to find clarity in how to live with the great mysteries as an embodied human being in an ever-changing world.

Life Path Facilitation™ is a Gestalt Practice based collaborative facilitation or “coaching” process. Working from an embodied model that emphasizes: Awareness; Choice; and Trust. This approach:

  • Cultivates and grows our capacity for awareness
  • Generates more choices, resilience, and ability to be responsive for how we interact with self, others, and life
  • Trust in our organism’s innate capacity for self-regulation and inner wisdom.

We navigate through this ineffable territory with time-tested tools and techniques that allow us to mindfully evolve and grow. We co-author our own life by openly engaging with something greater than our limiting self-beliefs. Working from the inside out we define explicit next steps and action items with clear timelines while staying wakefully engaged in an intimate and responsive dialogue with that which unfolds.

The facilitator gently guides, lends curiosity, and — when invited kindly nudges and suggests, with the clear recognition that the true expertise is coming from the one exploring their unique path. We collaborate to find our unique relationship and path of discovery. If you find yourself drawn towards this approach please read below.

Methods and Approach

My methods draw from my experience, training, direct mentorships, and co-facilitation in Gestalt Practice with Dick Price and Chris Price. I have additional training with Interaction Associates in The Coaching Edge, Facilitating Change, Facilitative Leadership. Teaching and teachers from various ancient wisdom traditions and the latest in contemporary neuropsychology inform our collaborative process. I have experience in one-to-one facilitation with: Organizational executives, adults in life changes, and young adults.


I often limited my availability to those who have participated in  workshops or retreats with me. I do engage with new clients after a consult in which we both feel it is appropriate to work together. Contact me for a 15-minute free consult.

I work with people remotely from all over the world via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. I work with people in person in Big Sur at various locations. I travel to lead workshops for self-organized groups. For information about setting up a session and my sliding-scale fees please email me.